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Apr. 27th, 2011 04:57 pm an orange crush

.....i think i have a major crush....well....i'm exaggerating....it's the mexican in meh! this ryan dude.....i mean i've had attractions....but we'll get back to this one....cause lately nothing in this life, last for long....i miss daniel acevedo.......i don't want another daniel....but i do want to find ove before this life is over....

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Apr. 27th, 2011 04:51 pm goin' to the movies w/ noopers and virtch(woopers)

so far we've seen "mars needs moms" and "hanna" and "in a better world" it's about well....being about the means things ya say to your mommy and not being able to know if it's too late to say i'm sorry...and well...with latter 2, that if being tothe one that's mean to ya back is okay, when does neing mean to the one who was mean to ya first make it not so right after all. everyone gets hurt....don't ya think? good stuff.

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Apr. 12th, 2011 04:57 pm mercury: in the small intestine

for the past year, i had on and off experiences with having this sharp pain in my small intestine, in the past i knew it ti be dehydration....or as my step-mother told my brother rusty...stress....nope it was mercury like the tooth filling ya get in dentist office...sculpture like fixture...the one that looks like the one george may, kirk brian johnson and whomever else came up with /james and issac the child pornagraphers..and roger hanwalt being as he is a dentist...and is part of or start hanawalt/habitat an emotional bootcamp in hawaii...anyway, this occult called the merck-nick occult taken from mercj medical manual/an a to z on how to keep your body and everything it operating as humanly possible on a strong/healthy level at all times, even tells ya what plastics what not to use in a supermarket...the ones that wrap your meats/poultry/veggies could poisonous....anyway....with electro/magnetic transportation/formation/transpiring? it exsist trust me ya know this! they are able to put this metal into your small intestine and it hurts like a bitch! it's also unbearable....ya want to faint...and they find it so funny....just as funny as murdering a child... a baby....i want them so dead....we all do! ANYWAY....san dimas community hospital know how to get 'em out, a G.I. cocktail....it's pink, chalky and ya throw up and out comes out the mercury and the mr. limpit bubble pedophile that put it in ya. don knotts looking creepy ass child molestor....mercury as lisa marie presley had experienced , she ahd gone to every specialist her money good buy to help pin point why she was in out of sorts....lethargic, tempermental, sick all the time....and once simple but humble physician told her "mmmm, open your mouth? she did...." and her he said aw huh....let's take those out" it was her mercurys and as she put it was responsible for feeling so out of sorts...and was told and had learned they make ya madder than hatter.

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Apr. 12th, 2011 03:54 pm thomas a. horan

wrote a book, i lost "digital places and cities"....about advanced energy and electrical means of well making our communities and hometown and cities and well everywhere we look a virtual insanity and well mind rape...it's too invasive and exploitive and vulgar pornagraphic and ....pixel square like 3d , hologram, smoke and mirror like bullshit that is killing us and our children and women are all but almost gone....i 'm not sure where the rbc morphing and synthetic exsistence had come from, being to lycan into or morph into adiffrent look or well to be metamorphiosed with another human being, child, hybrid theory....and then some....cubit squares, waffle squares....ummm. wolf tickets? reverted into anothr format, cubit square, synthetic dolls for sex, dixie cups, synthetic blankets, acrylic blank fabric, spider webs, being raped or molested on the materials, eyes hair, finger tip exchange, clothing towelettes, trees, leaves, animals, dogs, to transparents energys, to your iris of your eyes, tear duct, and inner thigh, i opened my legs and saw a babies vagina , my small toes and the toes next it, a vagina, my uvilalegs spread apart....inner parts of your cheek....to will the victim off these sources, you can ring a bell, like deli bell, but ya project to a bell ringing sound with concentration on the item or person at hand....... and it wills the victim off the acrylic fiber /synthetic blanketing/eye brow hair which a fellow prison/inmate yanked off my eye brow area because they were either fornicating or being raped or molested on the eye brow hair/strand...and spider webs...that silky i guess material of sorts spun from a spider body to make a home or trap? anyway.....also known as michael....he's been know to be george may underneathy....as a hybrid theory...i do not like the man! if ya can call him that.truth be ...and he's gonna to hate....but mr. horan is kirk brian johnson under-neathy......i was walking back from stater brothers already put into a vile mood... just bad , terrible mood, and on my way back to down town la verne....there is kirk brian johnson there on the roynon elementry school grass bouncin' vogorously a three off his persons'''''sex with a child, baby, infant, even with the fetus still in the womb this man, or this hybrid theory....is a creep...sick ass monster pedophile...murderer. confronted him.....

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Apr. 7th, 2011 02:59 pm monster like behaviors

i have these plush/stuffed animal of snoopy and eeyore and they are my heart.....absolutely...i know i don't treat them as so....i am ashamed to admit i beat them....like as if i was a an abusive parent....when things don't go right...i am so cruel....i am so glad i do not childen....because we live in times....to where....i think i'd be influenced to beat my children to death.....in real life in a fair life's fight? never ever would touch my child!

i've seen these pedophiles abuse children, and those lost souls, spirits, angel-like energies....abuse them, even rape them....thevrape children on my stuffed animals......thispedophile has this round faced, squint-like eyes, an light brown/orange color....he seems to have this horn like hair stle that i had seen on a big rig truck front cab...neon like.....kinda quadaffi like look.....he actually films pornography, child pornagraphy....snuff films...james/issac...or well kirk brian johnson films his own shit....along with george may....it's ...well, what' a word for it....5x7 glossy prints of his sexual experiences and he hangs them on lamp shades....i mean sex with babies....he likes sex with the baby 2 minutes before the waters breaks...or while doin' 3d synograms....with the 11 year old girl body snacthed...under a grown womans body....and he has sex with the girl and sometimes the fetus, and the fetus , unborn baby , even moes away from his energy, his presenses....he knows him, and ferars him, he's burn the unborn child with incensense, and ......his office is form the early morning hour of 4:30 in the morning already with children being brought to his office, and on the desk, as i pass by he put them in positions, that you'd find to be hienous and just horrific, with his rear end facing the window and he penetrating the infant or toddler in doggy posiyion, with one leg up....his upstairs window has window panes that display each image he finds to be inticing , a turn on.....that gets him hot, it's styrange , i see him, and i don't see him a this monster, piece of shit and them he validates this fact by yet stilll insisting on having sex with kids, or lik e the day i saw him having sex with a 3 year old, on the roynon elementry school play ground, having her ride him, he was caught, or penetrating a little 2 year old, in roberta's village inn, she screams, so piercing, and alarming and he played it off like slap stick comdey, running, fumbling and well, covering up his nakedness, i yelled at him, called him all these names....and cursed alot, i was pissed and beyond....and well, i walked into his office right soon after...he was expecting me. i told him to leave me the fuck alone and to stop his bullshit harrasing and and asked him what do you mean, and i told him to stop playing stupid....and further more this bullshit with doin' child porn and using my family members and rubbing it in my face and molesting kids all day, in and out of your office , and he did this twi hand come here come gimme gimme thnig i had seen him do in the 99 cent store parking lot with a toddler, and again in the stater bro parking with a baby, here gimme that baby p***y....and he sw me and gave me this look , like awww shit , he knows it's me...he pstions him against passenger side winder or back seat....and motions his hands gimme , gimme.....and to be honest, i didn't think of that at fortst , i jsut knew i had to get out of his office and i took a quick look around...because i know he has sex wuth these kids on the floor , it's a woodfloor, and he bumps his head on the desk alot , and well he slides the child under the desk to not be seen having sex with her, he usually doesn't have pants on, or he's upstairs with the window that have no blinds and well, i seen him walk across the room holdimg his pants up with no belt, or being buttoned up or fastened, he's so out in the open about it.... he does this one thing with his rear end....he holds it up and gives that winning pose, like his butt is smiling that smile, once he's got his apendage completely in the toddlers, child's vagina....he forces the whole thing in....at once...ya know tiles and ceiling struures say alot....bathroom, and kitchen and wals and carpet, floors and windows , telesion sets, keep images forever.....slide prjectors, and remotes , microchips ...are amazing, keepers of evidence....as are computers and those abirtro micro-cams and well.....ever seen a child blow bubbles ya know with the bubble wand....and well the naked eye.... can't seen certin images when one's optical evel isn't as advanced....those windows that ya seen a bubble possess...display so much as does water on a window screen and thosae little nooks and cranies....look close, you'll seen some'em ya don't want with our child.....reflections, water puddles, soda bottles, crytals, color/chrome illusions on car finish....a magnifying refletion....trust me they had a l.a. county jail like color/uniform...red, brown , orange, and light blue and dark blue.....and had these young gentlmen, offer sex for $300,000 for a hot experience...., but it was these gentlmen , well, stroking themselves, exposing their chest and posing and lying aroung and ya could only see hem in the reflectionof thses cars or windows. anyway.....i really do not like or enjoy writing about this kinda of thing....subject at hand...it's depressing, annoying...and most of all tragic...our children , raped, molested, and murdered........and our women disposed of and well, just plain not needed by these men othr than to comply and enable...and then be disposed of....and our men , sucker punched...these coward bitches didn't paly fair, fight fair....someone needs to tell these idiot pedophiles, moesting babys doesn't make a a good fuck...or good in bed, or whatever these cock suckers keep professing to be....nuff said. anyway...nooperz, virtch(virtualor virture)and susanna (shooz shooz)....i loveya...and my cup runneth over...and i'm sorry if and i know hurt you.

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Feb. 24th, 2011 05:05 pm the oscars!

somebody invite me over....!
kenneth branagah? for "the king's speech"
natalie portman for "the black swan"
melissa leo for "the fighter"
chritian bale for "the fighter"

"the fighter"

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Feb. 24th, 2011 05:01 pm the butterflies

ya know if this kirk brian johnson is really the perosn in these child porn snuff films then ya know what .....my picker is in more than just fixin'....i need brakes light fixed too.... and shit i don't even drive....i saw him today, well at least behind window blinds , a kinda idea of what he should look like....i got butterflies...sometimes i get nauseated, like sick to my stomach.....casue of children that might be gettin' hurt in his office....i see children get brought ot his office alot.....litle girls....teenage girls.....but sometimes they play it off like he's not in....he's a lawyer and realator in la verne....please beaux....don't be stupid!

Current Mood: confuseddrunk or stupid? yes an d yes!
Current Music: " love changes eveything" by climie /fisher

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Feb. 24th, 2011 04:53 pm the wild thing in life are free.....

this kirk brian johnson...and this george may (andrew/bill)made this child porn film and unfortunately it had my cousins in it i will keep their names out of it...3 of them...i had seen some of the footage at a wingstop their survaillience monitors next to subway off a arrow hwy and towne ave. the perosn sleaze ball who runs the place even threatened me and kirk that he;d show more footage of this snuff film if i didn't shut up....they broke a broom in my cousin privates in this film......snapped it right their this george may...even shot a pelet gun in a infamt vagina and threw a young toddler off a over pass of a freeway on central and the 10 freeway and galantly was risen back up i this like willowy like chiffon gown after the little girls all over the pavement.....it was heartbreaking and well when one does that to a child....what words can describe? i near forget the way she scream..it was very sudden and not dran out , but adrupt....well more titles like well...."winterwonderland" where someone played frosty the snowman...."cinderfella" only it wasn't a glass slipper that was in need of a right fit....a grown man's penis to fit a new born vagina in a hospital nursery wher new born's are kept until they are ready to go home....."twinkle twinkle little star" to where a blue light goes in the baby's nursery room at home to be fornicated with...ya molested right? the rest you gotta look up.....the production offices are over at and off puddingstone road...."tofasco" and "walters and wolf" 1975 puddingstone rd. in la verne /san dimas calif.....we've lost so many children in this process....i wish they'd get rid mr. george may and this kirk brian johnson.......and roger hanawalt. lifequest/innward journeys.

Current Mood: drunktipsy for good reason 2!
Current Music: "ship of fools by world party

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Nov. 2nd, 2010 07:34 pm hanigin' themselves

look up child porn(snuff films) w/ kirk brian johnson and 72 children murdered during the process....pigs for heads, in la verne, old day care center ...the barn....6th and e st.

to the kids ....you can rest easy in our prayers....god bless....

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Oct. 21st, 2010 03:42 pm don't start no shit- won't be no shit !

bitch! so anyway....this kirk brian johnson this lawyer/realtor in la verne , piece of shit, pedophile...rapist, the most vile slime bag/bucket head you'll meet....he stole a hundred dollars from me while i was in best buy, buying cds and well did it via electro/magnetic transportation, this kind of way that they been using to steal or pick pocket/ or purse snatch...or get from one place to another, especially when one has done something lewd or lavcious, to a child like put his persons on her corn or the cob or was it a corn dog?" here let me put a little on that for " huh charlie (jeb jr.)? he did this at a alon meeting that these little girls parent were attending and just as quick as he did, he transported in just q second of time/blink that is, to the hindu church across on towne and monterey, near john charles meyers home, off a palm street. now i know this might sound strange but i had these soft spots for these sick individuals, like a benefit of a doubt for them, like lying to myself being a coward , denying that they are what they are pedophiles/murderers/home invaders/identity thefts and car and home theft....life insurance collectors under one persons body times five identites....all five of my generations are now officially gone ....and all homes , property cars and life insurance policys collected and not even buried just thrown into the gutter or city dump....water reservetory like la verne, very flshy taste...or willed onto meat section in your market or restaurant.....or trees ...concrete...just all over or all the way to the ocean...or just to be mean on our persons....they cover the smel up with vanilla extract or vinegar,,,sulfar maybe for a real stinky rotten egg like smell while going to the rest-room....pretty sick fucks huh? i gotta get a restraining order...he stole my cds while i slept over at palomares park...swiped them from and my bus id and other thing in my bill fold and $ 33,000.00 lottery ticket, and the recent winning 3 numbers out of 6 from last week the fucken sick nasty pedoiphile , sleazy cheap ass.....i hate this sick man...he's no man, a coward bitch sissy! a hybrid theory piece of dregged out shit....i think he's a good friend of lifequest staff member greg and bernadette....they mix and match....metamorphsis....rbc morphing. hanawalt in hawaii...is there foundation of sorts, where they came from....they borrowed heavily from the cia, pentagon....look up philadephia experiment. anyway... they know david bloyer and the people over at prototypes....and i feel bad because i hurt sherrie's feelings really bad...but i was told to not feel so bad....she knew what she was doing when she wrote out that letter....and well jill had alot to do with it....i'm not out to betray or be mean r spiteful...i'm just tired of being fucked with.... i except that my family is gone because of these people...and my homwetown as well as others i mean we are all going through it....nah , ya know this is for the kids, our children... i promised them and women.... and our men here in america...the you sucker punched and fucked over....here in america , we fight our own battles....and fight one on one not 20 dudes in one body and those lead gloves that when ya get hit , hit harder than one is used to , mechanix gloves....and well they hit kids with those....shit jill and kirk own industrial buildings in bakc of prototypes and tofasco...in la verne....they produce child porn....exploit the women thee over at prototypes and work /moonlight as child services.....i was told that david- kirk burned a four week old babies hand on a stove, threw a hot slice of pizza on her face....kirk also know as juan carlos dominguez, your honor....like to finger infants,new borns and eat ice cream off their private/vaginas...they called him on it in court while he tried detain me.....he raped some women on my body alot them and left mustard in my underwear....i started to go through trauma in the holding cell, we both did she still there....hold her skirt down bailiff perkins asked me what was i moaning about? i just remember saying "no, don't touch me, don't touch me...." anyway....he even kept my california id....gave it reggie over at the homeless network, and did he get my social security card? this dude and his people ....poor things because he has no loyalty or respect for them....he is so well unfair and abusive to them....he;s and roger hanawalt run a human trafficking of sorts with child porn and sex slavery and crime...and keep all their money....they sedate them with hydrol cloride...norco...ambien...4 will make black out drunk...he showed me porn under aaron figuerora over at the pala motel....seen some very uncompromising postions while either drugged out of dead. kirk ? curtis or daivd or dan /daniel /dannyboy or this danny.....see ya incourt you pedophile......remeber it's not about your private part/mysterty meat/penis....it's about your being a child moleator ./ baby murdrerer pornagrapher. among other thing trash!

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