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ephesians chapter 6: god's spiritual armour

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beaux enriquez
this ugly duckling is really a 2wan.

the yellow caution tape around my weeping willow family tree was meant for you, not me....

a love ends suicide : saved my life

dregs suck!

astral travel and projection is a dangerous and tricky thing....

used to be rexford and leo9lives

the friendship and love i had for _d1214 and daniel666 was all in my heart...













i've known peter for years and it's amazing to cross paths with him and see what he's really become and that's a true artist, his works are so profound, and mysterious....he comes from a truly talented family, and they all stand out with their own individualities. i'm truly honored to know him. you must discover him for yourself to know what i'm talking about.

-beaux enriquez

"I believe in being as honest and truthful as humanly possible at all times. Lies harbored manifest themselves in one's work."

"The ability for one to create a master work demands that one is open minded yet focused, determined yet flexible, passionate yet displaced, and most important, one must be able to find the new beginning as well as envision the end."

Peter Harper's Biography
Imagine for a moment the fluidity of human emotion merging with the form and grace of the human body guided by the soul of a poet... Caught in the metamorphosis of mid-movement, intense, at once aspiring to unknown heights on one hand and filled with angst on the other... Each figure a character in a story, their features representing the plot, every detail conveying importance and meaning which is not quite reality and not quite abstraction. Fantastic? Perhaps. But these are the bronze and ceramic sculptures of Peter Harper.

"Throughout my life I have tried to express myself in a clear, powerful manner never hiding a single emotion. I confront the world full force, knowing that in the end the world may win. I possess a passion so intense that it drives me to better the lives of others, as well as myself; a passion to see a future that is loved, not feared, and embraced, not rejected, when it arrives."

Working in clay, wax and bronze using techniques dating back to the ancient Egyptians, Peter cuts, scrapes, heats and polishes until the figure is revealed and its story told.

Part of a tradition through the Claremont Folk Music Center, Peter Harper comes by his talents within a family of many talents: music (brother Ben Harper) and mother Ellen Verdries, who plays guitar; brother Joel, Poetry & Writing; grandparents Charles (craftsman of fine musical instruments) and Dorothy ("she could play anything with strings") Chase.

if you'd like to submit your artwork mr.peter harper, send him the:
1.title of the piece
2.the medium used, meaning the materials used to make the work of art at hand
3.nameand e-mail address and phone number
4.put it the piece on micro-script

you can e-mail him if you have any further questions.

"Love Song" by pink to daniel b. acevedo and the lost soul travelers

I've never written a love song
That didn't end in tears
Maybe you'll rewrite my love song
If you can replace my fears
I need your patience and guidance
And all your lovin' and more
When thunder rolls through my life
Will you be able to weather the storm?
There's so much I would give ya, baby
If I'd only le myself
There's this well of emotions
I feel I must protect
But what's the point of this armor
If it keeps the love away, too?
I'd rather bleed with cuts of love
Than live without any scars
Baby, can I trust this?
Or do all things end?
I need to hear that you'd die for me
Again and again and again
So tell me when you look in my eyes
Can you share all the pain and happy times
'Cause I will love you for the rest of my life
This is my very first love song
That didn't end in tears
I think you re-wrote my love song
For the rest of my years
I wil love you for the rest of my Life.

irben pablo by beaux enriquez

irben pablo, is living proof to me , that venus is a boy,
not to say he had a problem with being a man from mars...
but once in awhile, he like to astral travel on the wild side
bouncin' off satillites, got his ticket to ride on any shooting star,
he was hard nails , a kick ass mother fucker, individual, bea_u__d-ful inside and out,
yet wears his heart on his sleeve, still has the sensitivity of a misfit toy...

irben pablo, was like a major tom, ya never knew if he'd make it safe, on those nights,
he'd cascade down and through the milky way, cruisin' through entire galaxy,
flip a bitch around saturn and rocket on it over II mercury, and every planet in between, , sometimes he'd space romeo on over to some lucky somebody's balcony,
and with a kiss on the neck, the metaphysical intimacy was not to be missed....
....and when it comes time to go home, to finally slumber deep, he just followed the blue light of the moon that takes him away......
he's on his way home....like neneh cherry used ta sang....guided by the blue light, that takes him away.....he's on his way home.

irben pablo, don't hear to well, but see's okay, and don't really speak much at all, but with one simple expression on his face , the slanted ooooo of his mouth, & the out of sync- blinking of the eyes, as if reading off cue cards from behind, as if a story is bein' told, in morris code, makes ya smile, makes ya laugh and even makes ya cry... tugs, steals and breaks ya heart at the same time....says so much, and sometimes not enough...i could really fall in love....reminds ya of one of those silent film stars- buster keaton, charlie chaplin, and don't get him doin' his rudolf valentino, because you'd only start laughin'...don't get laughin'!

irben pablo, plays the guitar , like one holds a dance partner for life, so don't ya speak, forever hold your peace
-grooves to the beat of a diffrent drummer- baby, like a true music lover...daydream believer...my cool breeze in the summer- time....
with the way he swings his head, from side to side, w/ eyes closed, in slo-mo,
i just stand back, just leave him alone...
& ya wonder what the hell is going thru his mind, ya wanna get lost with him, go where he's going to, and hope he takes ya this time...

irben pablo , came at a time, where there just seem to be nothing interesting goin 'on,
no t.v. show , no song on the radio, no movie on the big silver screen, or even a new york best seller top 10 book to read,
but now finally someone here, intriguing, keeps ya believing, makes ya feel glad you're breathing.
irben pablo, is a new hero of mine...shit i'd marry the cat if i could...and he knows i would...the big tease...ya know it's all good.



"10", 1966, 1981, 2001, a love ends suicide, a streetcar named desire, allison dubois, anthony martinez from beaumont, arbitrol, art, astral projection, astral travel, bass, battling demons, beach, bedroom voices, being willed away, ben harper, blue, bo derek, book of daniel, brendan sexton jr., buster and billie, candles, cardio vascular, catholic, caution, cello, claremont, classical music, colognes, counteracting adversity, criminology, crushes, dangerous liasions, dba the drink, detective work, directing, dirt devils, dito montiel, drums, eckankar, eeyore, electro-transformation, enriquez, fbi, folk music center, foreign films, forensics, fuffyz and roy royz, ghosts, god, grease, green kool-aid, hail marys, hairspray, honey, impressionism, independant films, irben, irben pablo, jack and the witch, jackie brown, jesus christ, joe dallesandro, joel harper, john patrick shanley, johnny depp, jon seda, josie and the pussycats, kim basinger, kindred spirits, la verne, lime jello, lobster, lycan, m. night shyamalan, madonna, margaret o'brien, martin scorcese, mary magdalena, medium, metaphysical, miracles, mohawks, montgomery clift, mt. sac, my biological clock, nancy allen, ninjas, oil pastels, overthinking, pat benatar, patricia arquette, patsy cline, peter harper, piano, pickles and mustard, pink, pixel squares, pizza, poetry, pomona 12th steet, prophecy, quentin tarantino, racer x, rainer maria rilke, rbc morph, ricki lee jones, romantic yearnings, rudolf valentino, salve regina, scarecrows, screenwriting, shape shifting, sharkies, skinbone, snoopy, soul mates, speed racer, spiritual warfare, splendor in the grass, st. michael, st. sebastian, star wars, swans, sweet dreams, tata vega, tatum o'neal, teena marie, that night, that's not funnyful!, the crow, the hughes brothers, the never ending story, the power of kabbalah, the rosary, the velveteen rabbit, the wizard of oz, the women, thermal lasering, throwingstardna, ties, violin, virtual insanity, water, wind, wine, wisdom

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